Comfort for eveyday use

Materials and technological innovations created for your everyday comfort.

By basing our production on experience, continuous innovations and cooperation of exceptional value, we are manufacturing and delivering goods from the highest quality sanitary materials. We want to be ensured that our customers receive reliable and exceptional products.

A comprehensive production profile.

The production processes are based on four modern technologies that can be implemented on 17 independent production lines. We are able to fulfil orders for both large and small production batches, while offering the highest quality and high technical parameters of products.

In our plants production processes are based on the most modern technologies which guarantee the highest quality of products, such as:

  • vacuum thermoforming machines
  • casting units
  • spray-up robot
  • vacuum thermoforming machines

Technological innovations

To meet customer requirements, we offer our products in four independent technologies based on the highest quality materials. We have created environmentally friendly materials that are also very resistant to chemical substances and mechanical damage.

Sanitary acrylic

The material is a combination of a thermoformed plate and a mineral composite reinforced by a glass fibre. The use of boards on the base of methyl methacrylate allows forming any shape of the product while maintaining high strength parameters. It is a material which combines convenience, functionality and a large range of arrangement options.

Mineral Marble

Material developed on the basis of a polymer base derived from PET recycler and of natural mineral fillers obtained from limestone and quartz rocks. The surface of the products is covered with a layer of gel coat which is responsible for smoothness and gloss. For production we use gel coats modified with methyl methacrylate which guarantees the highest resistance to UV radiation and aggressive action of chemicals.


The material, which is a combination of natural quartz fillers, acrylic polymer base and additives and pigments. The share of quartz at the level >80% makes the material characterized by high hardness and abrasion resistance. The use of acrylic resin makes the material resistant to all acids and alkalies and colour change under the influence of UV.

Acrylic – conglomerate – acrylic

Our latest achievement is the innovative technology of joining materials in a unique layered system acrylic – conglomerate – acrylic.

Safe technology

10 years guarantee

Made in EU

Snow-white colour

Easy to clean


Anti-slip properties

The most modern technologies

Easy mounting

Efficient production

Fully automated washabasin production lines

  • internal production of models and molds
  • fully automated raw material proportioning from producer's containers
  • 600p - 800u of the gelcoat coating resistant to scratches and UV
  • seasoning and hardening of the goods allows to produce goods with 10mm wall section
  • 100% of products subjected to quality testing
  • goods identification thanks to RFID system as an electronic support to the manufacturing process