High Quality Policy.

Our products, as well as materials, are systematically inspected and certified by accredited control units. The obtained certificates guarantee that our products delivered to the market meet the appropriate safety and quality standards, are produced in an efficient and effective manner and that their use is safe.

The current ISO certification also confirms that our company meets the high requirements of manufacturing good practices and can lead export production to global markets.

Long-term reliability is the key to continuous relation.

The quality and performance of the products are verified by plant production control at all stages of the production process and the final control of each produced piece. Our goal is to satisfy the client’s needs

The highest quality standards

  • high capacity, efficiency and quality of our company's production is ensured by the certified quality management system consistent with standards ISO 9001: 2015-10
  • products are manufactured according to European directives and standards in force
  • conformity of designed and manufactured products with technical standards is checked in fully equipped factory lab
  • goods we produce are detaily checked during quality control and technologically hand-finished
  • conformity with the standards is verified additionally by tests commissioned to accredited units

FSC Certificate

The FSC certificate proves that the materials used come from FSC-certified forests, and the company follows good practices defined by the FSC throughout the entire production process and the entire supply chain.

Ekocykl Certificate

Ekocykl, Participation in the recycling system, ensuring recovery and recycling of packaging waste.

PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015

TUV NORD, PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management systems, an international standard that specifies the requirements to be met by an organization's quality management system.


Quality and properties of products are verified by the factory production control at each production stage, as well as final quality check of each piece of products.